Advantages of Using Pallet Flow Racking

A pallet flow racking machine type of racking system resembles an effective mini conveyor belt for a warehouse. This kind of system, which features a flat rack system with adjustable hydraulic flow tracks, consists of a fixed rack frame with moving adjustable roller tracks at a lateral angle, which enables them to automatically roll to the ends of the rack where they sit before loading pallets into the racking machine. This is done so as to minimize the amount of space consumed by the pallets, and yet allow the pallets to be loaded more quickly. The racking machine also prevents the stacking process from being slowed down, allowing goods to be stacked in predetermined positions. When the products are un-packed, they are quickly transferred to the storage areas.

A pallet flow racking machine type reduces the cost and the required floor space of warehousing operations by its innovative design. It is designed to maximize the productivity of staff in warehouse conditions and to improve turnover rates in the supply chain. With its High Density Storage (HDST) feature, it allows storing of heavier items at the front of the rack, and lighter goods at the back. This results in increased capacity of the system and improved load distribution and maximum capacity utilization.

It is beneficial for companies that deal in the manufacturing of heavy objects, such as cars, which find it more efficient to have pallets deep, rather than picking them one at a time. This means that the employees of the picker can work on the lighter goods first, before moving on to the heavier ones. Pallet flow racking systems have a fixed rack depth, which enables goods to be picked and stored more efficiently. It also helps in reducing the risk of equipment damage, which is normally caused when picking up heavy objects without adequate preparation.

This Konstant innovative racking type reduces labor costs and thereby promotes higher efficiency. The increased productivity is possible because of the optimized floor space. In addition, a more efficient pallet racking system gives more room for the goods to be stacked in a more systematic manner. It also gives the warehouse more flexibility in terms of access. The ability to change the way goods are being picked and stored can help reduce the spoilage rate of the products, which in turn, saves on the company's expenses.

The most commonly used pallet flow racking systems employ roller conveyors. However, other types are available, which include gear driven, screw conveyors, and gravity fed systems. Roller conveyors are more efficient than screw conveyors and are also cost effective. However, screw conveyors are used when maximum storage capacity is desired. Click this link for more info related to this subject matter.

Because the use of these efficient pallet flow racking systems promotes more efficient storing and retrieval of goods, it also helps in cutting inventory cost. The improved efficiency of the system allows for a faster rate of retrieval of goods after they are placed on the shelves. The increased productivity level is possible because of reduced floor space requirements. Moreover, the company does not need to spend on new storage cabinets or racks if the old ones are replaced with these new types of racks. All these factors lead to improved profitability.

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